Automatic Electric Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Can the daily fresh-keeping bag really keep food fresh? Impossible! But our vacuum machine brings you the secret of keeping food fresh. Just put the things you need to keep fresh into our matching bag use this vacuum machine to extract the excess air which can keep the food fresh for longer. In addition to food can be used some important documents photos are also applicable. Come and enjoy your fresh life!


  • Keep Food Fresh: With this vacuum sealing machine it can suck air out and seal the bags to preserve the color taste and nutrition of foods keep them fresh.
  • Compact Design For Household: Features with 13.4x1.97x1.77” compact size it is convenient for you to store and saves space.
  • Vacuum Seal & Seal Function: Designed with button-press operation with intelligent indicator lights. Vacuum speed is about 6-15 seconds and sealing only needs 6 seconds.
  • Wide Application: It can keep the taste and hydration of various foods such as vegetables meat seafood fruits nut s etc. If you have some important documents or photos they can also be preserved through it.
  • Great Bonus: The package you received will include 10pcs vacuum bags (as a gift for you) which offers you earlier enjoyment of using this vacuum sealing machine!

The sealing length is no more than 28cm/11in


30 Day Warranty